Country Life Paintings

Kate has always been as fascinated with capturing the emotions and personalities of her subjects as with their appearance. Owned by cats, dogs and horses over the years she lives in the country where the landscape and the animals surrounding her constantly provide new subjects. Chicken paintings provide an outlet to her whimsical  side. Chicken paintings and rooster paintings are colorful connections to nature, as are her bright abstract  expressionist flower paintings.

Horse Paintings

Horses are a favorite subject both because I love the way they look and because they can physically express emotion and mood far more effectively than humans. Where we are often hindered by our attempts to communicate with words, horses express themselves through a full range of facial expressions. They also use their moveable ears, bodies and all four legs to show a mood, intention or concept.

Kate’s equine paintings fall in two main categories: “horse paintings” that capture horses’ pure joy of movement or the way light falls across skin in dappled sunlight or a hip in the light of early dawn; and “human paintings” expressing social issues or coping with everyday life. The latter category becomes collaboration with the viewer. “I paint my experiences, and the viewer adds the depth of their own life experiences to their interpretations, it becomes a partnership.”


Kate Esplen



Horse Artist

Kate Esplen’s love of horses and her intuitive understanding of their characters inspired her to draw horses, paint horses and make horse jewelry from a very young age. Her artistic expression over the years led her from the photo realistic pastel portraits of the horse’s physical beauty toward more abstract equine paintings that better captured their real essence and spirit. Her abstract horse paintings use line and color which are often mixed directly on the canvas with brush and a palette knife, and the occasional thumb, to capture the horses’ movements. Her knowledge of their anatomy and their herd relationships add an intimacy to all her work.

Kate’s one of a kind sculptures have evolved into exquisite miniature works of hand crafted wire equine jewelry in sterling silver, gold and gold-filled wire. Wearable as horse jewelry, and yet still capturing the essence of the movement of the horse in her unique style.

All her fashionable horse jewelry and artistic flower jewelry is skillfully hand crafted and handmade in sterling silver and gold with intricate detail and the highest quality materials. Whether you are looking for an inspired gift horse necklace, an elegant dressage horse pendant, a polo horse in gold wire with diamonds, or an affordable horse birthday gift for a young rider, one of these handcrafted designer pieces will bring delight.

For a horse show or a wedding, every piece is eye catching. Swarovski crystal bracelet and earring set with pearl highlights, healing gemstones in an artistic swirl of sterling silver, affordable gold-filled wire dressage or jumper competition stock-tie pin, every one attracts attention wherever it is worn.

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Horse Sculptures

Wire sculpture “Angel Horse” as used to illustrate the visual design element of line in the book Design! by Steven Aimone


Price: $75 each. Contact Kate Esplen for purchasing inquiries.

Each Giclee print comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Watermark signature does not appear on purchased prints.

The artist represents that this edition is limited to 250 numbered giclee prints on paper. The buyer of this artwork is guaranteed that the artist and/or gallery representative will adhere to these standards and that the printmaker will act in accordance to the artist or artist’s representative’s direction in providing these limited edition prints.

Paper Information:
16″ x 20″ Crane & Co. cold press 100% cotton rag acid free.

Ink Information:
Archival Pigmented rated to 125 years, UV protected for color shift and fade resistance.

What is a giclee print?

The term giclee describes the process of spraying tiny droplets of archival ink out of an ink jet printer. Giclee printing uses only high level printers, pigmented inks and high quality acid free 100% rag paper or cotton canvas. A perfectly executed digital print is the result. Giclee printing has allowed artists to trade in the printing press for the computer. This process presents the opportunity to make a very high quality, archival print which can be made one at a time on demand and in the size the client desires. Giclee prints on canvas can be individually enhanced by overpainting by the artist, allowing a unique yet affordable version of the painting that is nearly indistinguishable from an original painting once stretched. (Canvas prints are available in custom sizes, inquire by contacting the artist.)


Each piece of horse jewelry  expresses the love of the horse represented in Kate Esplen’s every work. As a successful dressage competitor she knows, understands and loves horses of every form and type.

Wire jewelry individually hand crafted in sterling silver, 14 karat gold-filled wire and custom pieces in karat gold. These handmade wearable works of sculpture attract attention the world over. Penthouse grand lifestyle, at a polo match or at the barn these rare pieces are also a grand gift.
Impressive. Classical . Elegant.

The Artist

“I paint horses both because I love the way they look and because they can express emotion and mood far more effectively than humans. Where we are often hindered by our attempts to communicate with words, horses express themselves physically. In addition to a full range of facial expressions, horses also use their moveable ears, bodies and four legs to show a mood or concept.

My horse paintings fall in two main categories: ” expressionistic horse paintings” that capture horses’ pure joy of movement or the way light falls across skin in dappled sunlight, or a hip in the light of early dawn; and ” human paintings” expressing social issues or coping with everyday life issues expressed through the horse. The latter category becomes a collaboration with the viewer. I paint my experiences, and the viewer adds the depth of their own personal interpretations.”

Kate Esplen was born Catherine Van Toch in Montreal, Canada. She studied at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts under Group Of Seven member Arthur Lismer, earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Sir George Williams University (now Concordia), worked in the interior design and graphic design fields, and established Van Toch Designs Limited. The firm served national and international clients and over a period of fifteen years winning numerous awards for art and design, including the prestigious Toronto Art Directors Club awards and Canadian Direct Marketing awards.

Kate has exhibited in the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts annual juried show, Florida Museum of Art, Deland Florida; Mt. Dora Center for the Arts, Mt. Dora Fl; Left Side Gallery, Flesherton, Ontario; Loft Gallery, Clarksburg,On., Collingwood, Ontario; Georgian Bay Arts and Crafts Association gallery; Toad Hall Gallery, Costa Rica, Ormond Beach Museum, Ormond Beach, Florida, and numerous private galleries. Her work hangs in private, municipal and corporate collections in Canada and the USA.

1968-1972 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sir George Williams University, Concordia
1999-2006 Independent Directed Studies, ProArt Institute, Atlantic Center for the Arts


2010 Squatters’ Gallery, Flesherton, Ontario

2010 Matilda Swanson Gallery, Clarksburg, Ontario

2010 Curiosity House Gallery, Creemore, Ontario

2010 Rustica Gallery, Cochrane, Alberta

2010 Eklectica Galerie, Collingwood, Ontario

2009 Burdette Gallery, Orangeville, Ontario

2009 Wolfe Gallery, Deland, Florida

2009 Bemused Gallery, Clarksburg, Ontario

2009 L.E. Shore Library Gallery, Thornbury, Ontario

2008 Bright’s Gallery, Intrawest, Collingwood, Ontario

2008 Left Side Gallery, Flesherton, Ontario

2008 Curiosity House Books, Creemore, Ontario

2008 Wolfe Gallery, Deland, Florida
2007 Lexington Public Library, Lexington , Kentucky
2007 Burdette Gallery, Orangeville, Ontario
2007 Loft Gallery, Clarksburg, Ontario, Featured Artist
2006 Toad Hall, Costa Rica
2006 Florida Museum of Art, Juried Show, The Devine Equine, Deland, Florida
2006 Mt. Dora Center For the Arts, Central Florida Juried Show, Featured Artist
2006 Left Side Gallery, Feature Artist, Flesherton, Ontario
2005 Deland Museum of Art, Equus, Celebrating the Art of the Horse, Deland, Florida
2005 Chautauqua Design Gallery, Kate Esplen-Recent Works, Clarksburg, Ontario
2005 Renato Art Gallery, Group Show, Collingwood, Ontario
2005 Flying Fish Gallery (featured Artist) Eustis, Florida
2005 Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts , Collingwood, Ontario
2005 Fifth Avenue Café, (Two person Show) Mt. Dora , Florida
2004 Chautauqua Design Gallery, ( Solo Show) Clarksburg, Ontario
2004 Private solo show, Horses as Humans , Thornbury, Ontario
2004 City of Tavares Art Gallery, Multimedia (Juried Show) , Tavares, Florida
2003 L.E. Shore Memorial Gallery, Horses as Humans. (Solo show), Thornbury, Ontario, Canada
2003 Harbor Muse Gallery, (Group Show) Thornbury, Ontario, Canada
2003 Ormond Memorial Art Museum, The ProArt Story, Artists’ Work 1997-2003 Retrospective (Juried) Florida
2002 Ormond Memorial Art Museum, Four Footed, The Domestic Animal Depicted in Art (Juried Show) Ormond , Florida
2002 Pettitjean Gallery, Horses and Roosters, Paintings and Sculpture of Kate Esplen & Valerie Tennant, Creemore, Ontario
2001 Collingwood Atrium Gallery, Kate Esplen, Paintings and Sculpture,(Solo Show) Collingwood, Ontario
2001 Arthaus, Artist as Curator (Juried Show) Port Orange, Florida
1997 Georgian Bay Arts and Crafts Gallery, Group show ,Thornbury, Ontario
1978-1993 Founded a graphic design firm, Van Toch Designs Limited, served national and international clients. Won numerous prestigious design and marketing awards

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